1) Full Foam Bath

Your vehicle will be foamed with the highest quality natural soap solution in order to encapsulate & rinse of any large contamination from the vehicle

2) Tire, Rims, & Wheel Wells

After the vehicle is foamed we will go and perform thorough cleaning of your vehicles tires, rims, & wheel wells

3) two Bucket Hand Wash

After foaming the vehicle we go around panel by panel (including door jambs) with the finest chenille microfiber mitts & our two bucket wash method to ensure a quality cleaning  

4) Full Clay Bar Treatment

After your vehicles hand wash, it will receive our full clay bar treatment. This insures your paint is full decontaminated and smooth

5) Formula 1201 Coating application

Now we apply Dr. Beasley's formula 1201 Nano-coating to all applicable exterior surfaces of the vehicle. This provides your vehicle intense gloss, water beading, and ceramic coating protection that lasts over a year!   

6) HAnd & Air Dried

After coating application we go around your vehicle panel by panel with pressurized air & the finest microfiber towels ensuring the vehicle is completely dry  

7) Tires Dressed & Rims Coated

Your tires will be dressed with a durable water based dressing providing UV protection & a natural shine. Your rims will also be coated with Formula 1201 making future cleaning easy 

8) Final Inspection

An IDA SV & CD Certified detailer will perform an 8 point inspection of the vehicle prior to your pick up making sure that all tasks are completed to our highest quality standers 

What is formula 1201 nano-ceramic coating?

Value Focused


Formula 1201 is our entry level ceramic coating providing full ceramic coating protection & shine in a value oriented package! 

High Durability


Formula 1201 provides your vehicle  up to 1 year or more of ceramic protection & self cleaning abilities on even daily drivers! 

Deep MIRROR shine


 Formula 1201 Boosts shine for mirror-like gloss that beats any wax or sealant on the market!