Dr. beasley's Ceramic Coatings. Our PREMIUM Offerings.

What Are Ceramic Coatings?

Ceramic Coatings are the highest grade of protection & gloss enhancement for your vehicle. Unlike traditional waxes & sealants which are just films that sit on the surface of a vehicle, true ceramic coatings create a semi-permanent barrier of protection that bonds with your vehicles surface providing unmatched durability, protection, gloss, & self cleaning abilities. 

Why Dr. Beasley's?

There are hundreds of coating offerings on the market, so why did I chose a small Chicago based company? After years of testing coatings I found that Dr. Beasley's provides the greatest protection & enhancement for my clients vehicles. And unlike most coating manufactures Dr. Beasley's formulates everything in house with hand picked batches of the highest quality ceramic resin on the market! Dr. Beasley's nano-coating technology has been revolutionizing the coating industry year by year & is in a constant state of improvement in order to provide your vehicle the best results! 

I Am your Authorized Installer!

"I am currently the only authorized installer in the state of Arizona. I work one on one with you making sure to provide you the best coating experience before, during, and after your scheduled appointment. Please, if you are interested in learning more about our coating offers feel free to contact me."


Warmest regards,

Zaia Dinkha, Founder 


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What Is A true ceramic nano-structure?


Ceramic Nano-structure

A ceramic coating’s nano-structure is the result of a heat-induced chemical bonding reaction. This chemical reaction bonds the coating to your vehicles clear coat, creating a billionths-of-a-meter-thick protective matrix (hence the term nano). The coating is chemically fusing with the surface rather than just sticking to it. 



 The vast majority of "ceramic" coatings available are ceramic in the loosest sense of the word!  These coatings’ are made from polymers not ceramics. The only ceramic found in these products are suspended within the polymers and don't make up the nano structure.   


WE provide true professional coatings

With Dr. Beasley's coatings we’re not just talking about a few ceramic nano-particles sprinkled into the nano-structure. We’re talking about a nano-structure made entirely out of ceramic material. This Provides  Improved hydrophobicity,  Permanent durability, &  Improved scratch resistance!