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Who? Why? How?

Zaia Dinkha is the founder and operator of CarNewba Detailing Inc. He has been involved in car detailing since 2015 but his love and passion for cars and automobiles has been life long. Zaia is also a US Army soldier and has received many honors during his service such as The Army Seven Values award, and US Army Soldier Institute Praecipere Militi Coin which was presented for excellence. 


Zaia created CarNewba Detailing in order to provide high quality professional service, inform the community in the importance of protecting our vehicles, and doing all of this at with maximum convenience. Zaia is committed in providing our community with outstanding services at your front door. 

Licensed & Certified!

Trained by world renowned Master Detailer Renny Doyle, Zaia has over 8 detailing certifications ranging from the International Detailing Association CD & SV to all 6 Detailing Success Certifications. The combination of knowledge, certifications & years of experience guarantees you the highest quality results & service every time! 

Only The Best, For the Best.

"Every product and tool in the CarNewba Detailing arsenal has been hand tested, and meticulously engineered to clean and protect your investments with speed, detail, and quality in mind. Brands such as  Meguiars, P&S, Zymol, & McKeeys 37 are the leaders in their respected industry, and your vehicles deserve nothing less. I thank you for visiting my website, and I hope to service you soon!"

Warmest regards,

Zaia Dinkha, Founder

(623) 226-7929


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