1) Full Foam Bath

Your vehicle will be foamed with the highest quality natural soap solution in order to encapsulate & rinse of any large contamination from the vehicle

2) Tire, Rims, & Wheel Wells

After the vehicle is foamed we will go and perform thorough cleaning of your vehicles tires, rims, & wheel wells

3) two Bucket Hand Wash

After foaming the vehicle we go around panel by panel (including door jambs) with the finest chenille microfiber mitts & our two bucket wash method to ensure a quality cleaning  

5) HAnd & Air Dried

After Washing the vehicle we go around your vehicle panel by panel with pressurized air & the finest microfiber towels ensuring the vehicle is completely dry  

6) Matte Paint Coating application

Now we apply Dr. Beasley's Matte Paint Nano-coating to all exterior Matte surfaces of the vehicle. This provides your matte surfaces its original matte factory finish while providing the needed water sheeting & protection up to 3 years for garaged vehicles! 

7) Tires Dressed & Rims Coated

Your tires will be dressed with a durable water based dressing providing UV protection & a natural shine. Your rims will also be coated with Formula 1201 making future cleaning easy 

8) Final Inspection

An IDA SV & CD Certified detailer will perform an 7 point inspection of the vehicle prior to your pick up making sure that all tasks are completed to our highest quality standers 

What is A Matte Paint nano-ceramic coating?

Developed for matte finishes


 protects matte & satin paint from stains, soiling and contaminants to preserve the finish in factory condition 

Provides needed protection


 Engineered for active hydrophobicity, Matte Paint Coating repels water to self-clean. Unlike other nanocoatings, it retains the matte finish and will not add gloss

High durability


 1+ years durability on daily drivers and up to 3 years durability on garaged vehicles