1) Full Foam Bath

Your vehicle will be foamed with the highest quality natural soap solution in order to encapsulate & rinse of any large contamination from the vehicle

2) Tire, Rims, & Wheel Wells

After the vehicle is foamed we will go and perform thorough cleaning of your vehicles tires, rims, & wheel wells

3) two Bucket Hand Wash

After foaming the vehicle we go around panel by panel (including door jambs) with the finest chenille microfiber mitts & our two bucket wash method to ensure a quality cleaning  

4) Iron X Treatment

The majority of vehicles have Iron contamination embedded in the clear coat, our Iron X treatment safely removes this contamination getting the paint ready for correction & coating application 

5) Full Clay Bar Treatment

After your vehicles hand wash, it will receive our full clay bar treatment. This insures your paint is full decontaminated and smooth

6) HAnd & Air Dried

After the clay bar treatment we go around your vehicle panel by panel with pressurized air & the finest microfiber towels ensuring the vehicle is completely dry  

7) Advanced Paint Correction Stage

Depending on the condition & health of the vehicles clear coat, and also your expectations of the vehicle we will perform an advanced paint correction stage ranging from a one-step (50% Defect Removal) to a full 4 stage paint correction (80% - 99% Defect Removal)

8) nano-resin Coating application

Now we apply Dr. Beasley's Nano-Resin coating to all applicable exterior surfaces of the vehicle. This provides your vehicle intense gloss, water beading, and ceramic coating protection that lasts over 3 years!   

9) Tires Dressed & Rims Coated

Your tires will be dressed with a durable water based dressing providing UV protection & a natural shine. Your rims will also be coated with Nano-Resin making future cleaning easy 

10) All Glass Glassparency Treatment

Glassparency provides all your exterior glass the ultimate protection during dusty and monsoon seasons. Providing you a cleaner and safer driving experience  with a 3 year warranty

11) Final Inspection

An IDA SV & CD Certified detailer will perform a 10 point inspection of the vehicle prior to your pick up making sure that all tasks are completed to our highest quality standers 

What is Nano-resin ceramic coating?

Everything You Want In A Coating


 There’s no shortage of incredible features a Nano-Resin coating offers. It’s ultra durable, offering years of protection even on daily drivers. 

EXTREME Durability


Nano-Resin Provides 3+ years worth of amazing ceramic coating protection even for daily drivers.  Its protective barrier resists micro-marring, etching, UV fading and even self-heals wash marks.  

Super GLoss & Amazing Water beading


 Nano-Resin Provides candy like shine & super hydrophobic surface beads liquids to prevent staining and makes tough contaminants like tar or sap slide right off with a simple rinse.