Terms & Definitions

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Paint Correction:

Paint Correction is the process of leveling the paint to remove most if not all scratches, swirl marks, oxidation, & restore the gloss of the paint. At CarNewba Detailing we focus on two forms of paint correction throughout our mobile detailing services:

The One-Step: A One-Step is the combination of one pad and one type of polish. Depending on the vehicle and condition of paint, a one-step can remove light to medium scratches/swirl marks & bring clarity to the paint. 

The Two-Step: The two-step is the combination of two pads with two types of polishes. The first pad and polish are typically heavy cut. Then it is followed with a lighter pad & polish. The combination of both brings 85% to 95% clarity and gloss to a vehicles paint. 

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Iron-X Treatment:

Airborne chemicals and iron-containing particles penetrate auto paint and create corrosive compounds that eat into the paint's sub-layers. A dedicated PH balanced Iron Treatment is needed to open up the pores of the paint to remove these unwanted & damaging contaminants. 

Ceramic Coating

Nano-Glass Ceramic Coating:

Formulated using nano-glass ceramic particles and state-of-the-art polymers, a nano-glass ceramic coating lasts for years depending on wash cycles & ware of vehicle. The glass coating creates a high tension surface which makes water, dirt, and other contaminants bead of the vehicles paint. For more info on Nano-Glass ceramic coatings or other automotive detailing products and car detailing tips visit our Blog & News Page!

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Carnauba Wax:

Carnauba Wax is a palm wax derived from Copernicia Prunifera palm only grown in Brazil. In combination with polymers and solvents, Carnauba wax provides a thin but hard protective surface that arguably has the best shine compared to other waxes and sealants. To learn more about carnauba wax and other natural waxes visit our Blog & News Page! 

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Paint Sealants:

Unlike carnauba wax, a paint sealant is a man made protective coating that is used to protect the surface of your vehicle while providing a glass like shine. Sealants generally are comprised of polymers that create a high surface tension on a vehicle providing it with longer durability and protection then a natural wax. 

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Glass Sealants:

Very similar to a paint sealant described above, a glass sealant is tailored to providing a very high surface tension to maximize water beading. This does provide shine and protection to the glass but more importantly it makes a slick surface area that water can't cling to. In turn this provides the occupants of the vehicle maximum viability. 

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Steam Cleaning:

A professional steamer in the right hands has many uses. From removing stains in leather and carpet, to killing harmful bacteria and odors in your vehicles. It is a tool that when used correctly, can transform your vehicle. 

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Advanced Polymer Wash:

A advanced polymer wash is sometimes referred to as a no rinse wash. This technology encapsulates dirt and contaminants on the surface of the paint, letting the user safely wipe to a clean surface. While very efficient and Eco-friendly this type of wash is recommended for light or mildly soiled vehicles.    

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Claying a vehicle is essential to properly decontaminate painted surfaces. A clay bar removes embedded dirt in the surface of your paint. Imagine paint as skin, in order to properly clean your skin you must lift and remove the dirt in your pores. Its the same idea with your vehicles panted surfaces. Claying your vehicles surface is recommended before any type of paint correction. 


Car Wax:

Car wax usually consists of natural waxes such as beeswax and carnauba wax. The wax is mixed with solvents, solutions, and oils in order to change the consistency of the wax and make it easier to apply. Quality wax goes on smooth and provides the vehicle UV protection and rich gloss. Natural waxes such as carnauba wax fills in paint scratches and defects leaving a flat surface allowing light to reflect off your paint giving it that wet glossy look.


Automotive Sealants:

Automotive sealants are made up of synthetic ingredients and polymers. The polymers are thousands of synthetic particles that bond together to your vehicles paint providing a barrier from its surrounding elements. On average you will find sealants lasting up to 6 months but higher quality paint sealants such as Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze or Meguiars Ultimate Fast Finish can last up to 12 months.


Automotive Coatings:

Most automotive coatings are acrylic resin or quartz based. This gives coatings a much harder, thicker layer of protection. Automotive paint coatings provide amazing protection because of their substantial thickness. Also, depending on coating type, the hardness of this layer of protection can even be measured to resist levels of scratches.